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Vibrational Isolation System

  • Vibrational Isolation System
  • Vibrational Isolation System


Optical Table Tops provide the base on which precision optical and laser work is performed. Standard Honeycomb Tabletop consists of a 5 mm thick cold-rolled stainless ferromagnetic steel top skin, and 3-6 mm thick bottom skin, both bound under high pressure to a honeycomb core, using a special epoxy resin. Thickness of the skin depends on the dimensions of the table top. The side-walls of the table top are made of a special acoustically hollow plastic which damps acoustic vibrations and covered in a decorative black leather substitute.

Narrow Aluminium Optical Rail

Optical rail system, small optical rails, available in sizes from 75 mm (3'') to 600 nm (24''), compact low-profile dovetail design, precision CNC machined on all surfaces.

Vertical Positioner

The Vertical Positioner has one mounting surface with M6 tapped holes. It provides coarse and smooth vertical positioning of mounted components.

Mounting Large Rod Clamp

The Mounting Large Rod has one mounting surface with M6 holes. It provides coarse vertical positioning of mounted components along the Large Rod .

Silent Rods

Great stiffness, sturdiness and strength of steel allow the Silent Rods to support large loads with great stability. Each rod has M6 tapped holes on, and a groove around both ends.

Standard Rods

These 12 mm diameter stainless steel rods have M6 male threads on the top and M6 tapped holes on the bottom. This allows to mount all accessories directly on the rod.

Rod Holders

The Rod Holders provide convenient and reliable model rod mounting and positioning at fixed height.

Movable Bases

The Movable Bases are used to position rods and small riser blocks. The Movable Base is especially convenient for close space situations.

Universal Adjustable Lens/Optics Mounts

Universal Adjustable Lens/Optics Mounts are used to accommodate any round and any thickness objects as lenses, mirrors and lasers.

Variable Lens Holder

The Variable Lens Holder provides optics registration from 15 to 78 mm in diameter. A top spring-loaded clamp holds optics of any configuration gently but firmly within V-shaped mounting base.

Self-Centering Large Aperture Optical Mount

Tilt/tip range +- 2 deg., great variety of optics diameters can be used with this mount, linear adjustment of X axis is possible on request.

Miniature Kinematic Mirror / Beam splitter Mount

Precise and handy two orthogonal angular adjustments, for Ø 12.7 mm optics (0.5 inch), kinematic, clear edge design and sensitivity of 8 arcsec.

Large Aperture Optical Mount

The Large Aperture Optical Mount ,it has a Ø31.8 mm aperture, while on its platform has a Ø51 mm aperture and six M4 mounting holes.

Adjustable Height Platform

The Adjustable Height Platform of original construction is a stable vertical translation stage of original design with 25 mm travel range and maximum load capacity of 3 kg.

Multi-Axis Tilt Platform

The Multi-Axis Tilt Platform provides angular adjustment about two axes - tilting and in-plane rotation. The mounting platform is rotated around kinematic pivot point by two micrometers.

Compact Translation Stage

Compact translation stage is well suited for positioning applications in laboratory experiments requiring linear motion within small space.

Precision Translation Stages

Precision translation stages provide smooth and precise platform movement along one axis.

Vacuum Compatible Translation Stage

Vacuum Compatible Translation Stages 860-0052V have large mounting surfaces, great travel range for this relatively small size, low profile, and increased stability and precision.

Vertical Translation Stage

Vertical Translation Stage boasts our unique design. Being very compact, it provides smooth and stable adjustment of height.

Motorized Vertical Translation Stage

This Motorized Vertical Translation Stage boasts our unique design. Being very compact, it provides smooth and stable adjustment of height. It has a large travel range and supports large loads.