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Tactical Radio Communications

  • Tactical Radio Communications


Secez Services offers tactical radio communications for soldiers in the field with its offering of a family of hand held and vehicle based radio equipment of its partner Mesit SA from Czech Republic. The fully ruggedized radio equipment working in VHF and UHF range of frequencies provide fully secure and reliable radio communications for field operations with options to inter-work with compatible versions in vehicles and airborne systems.

S. No Product Name Specification Download
1 RF13 VHF Transceiver 30-87.975 MHz 0.2/5 Watts F3E mode, data -16 kbps View Detail
2 RF1350 VHF Transceiver (vehicle) 30-87.975 MHz 0.2/5/50 Watts F3E mode, data -16 kbps  
3 RF20 EPM Handheld Transceiver 25-146 MHz FM 0.2/2/5 Watts
AM 0.1/ 1 Watt
FH 100 hops/sec
IP based, speed 7.1 kbps
View Detail
4 RF2050 EPM Mobile Transceiver 25-146 MHz FM 5/50 Watts
AM 2/15 Watts
FH 100 hops/sec
IP based data 7.1 kbps
View Detail
5 RF23 EPM Handheld Radio 25-146 MHz FM 0.2/2/5 Watts
AM 0.1/ 1 Watt
IP enabled data 7.1 kbps,
Synchronized – 16 kbps,
VoIP telephony service
View Detail
6 RF40 Thoroughbred Radio system 30-512 MHz 10 Watts – handheld
50 Watts - vehicular
AES Encryption
IP enabled
View Detail