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Laser Prisms are used to redirect laser beams in a number of beam steering or beam manipulation applications. Laser Prisms use a variety of substrates, coatings, or a combination of the two to achieve high reflectivity of a particular range of wavelengths. Laser Prisms are designed to internally reflect a laser beam off of multiple surfaces in order to redirect the beam path. Laser Prisms come in several types including anamorphic, right angle, or retroreflector varieties designed for different kinds of beam deviation.

Secez Services offers a wide range of Laser Prisms suited for many beam steering or beam manipulation needs. Anamorphic Prisms Pairs are designed for both beam direction as well as image manipulation. Right Angle Prisms are a common prism type that reflects a laser beam off the prism’s inner surface at a 90° angle. Retroreflectors reflect light off their many surfaces to direct a laser beam back at its source.