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Polarization Optics

  • Polarization Optics


Complete selection of components that modify the state of polarization of optical radiation. Polarizing optics includes: brewster windows, polarization plane rotators, round or rectangular thin film laser polarizers that are coated for particular laser application. Cube polarizing beamsplitters, Glan-Taylor polarizing prisms, Wollaston and Rochon polarizing prisms are available. Wide selection of quartz retardation plates, including: zero order optically contacted and air-spaced wave plates, achromatic air-space wave plate, zero order dual wavelength wave plate, low order and multiple order wave plates.

Thin Film Polarizers for Laser Applications (at 56°) Brewster Windows
Separate s- and p-polarized components of particular wavelength. Due to their high damage threshold Thin Film Polarizers replace Glan laser polarizing prisms or cube polarizing beamsplitter in applications with high energy lasers. Used in laser cavity to transmit 100% of p-polarized component without reflection losses and to introduce losses for s-polarized component. Total reflection of s-polarized component is up to 22 % for UVFS and up to 26% for N-BK7 at 1064 nm