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Optical mirror made of thin layers of dielectric coating deposited on an optical substrate. Secez Services offer dielectric laser mirrors for fixed, narrowband or broadband wavelength applications covering wavelength ranges from UV to IR. Wide selection of round, elliptical or custom shapes as well as plano, spherical, cylindrical surface mirrors and substrates can be provided

UVFS Laser Line Mirrors BK7 Laser Line Mirrors BroadBand Laser Mirrors Dichroic Mirrors
Highly reflective (>99% reflectivity) Laser Line Mirrors are made of quartz and coated with multilayer dielectric or IBS coating. Available for UV, VIS and NIR lasers. Highly reflective (>99.5% reflectivity) Laser Line Mirrors made of BK7 glass are recommended as low-cost alternative for non-critical laser applications in 350-1570 nm range. Broadband Laser Mirrors offer high reflectivity at designed broadband wavelength ranges. Mirrors are designed for Ti:Sapphire, dye, diode and YAG laser applications. Harmonic separators used to reflect one wavelength and to transmit the others. Reflectance is higher than 99.5% for the wavelength of interest and transmittance is at least 90% for the rejected wavelengths.