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Laser Windows

  • Laser Windows


Wide selection of laser windows provided by Secez Services with following features:-

  • Made from high quality UV FS, BK7 optical material.
  • Shapes of Round (dia from 12.5 to 76.5 mm, thickness from 2-6 mm) and rectangular (from 15x20 to 50,8x50x8 mm, thickness from 2-6 mm)) laser windows
  • Other custom sizes are available under request including Round (dia from 12.5 to 76.2; thickness from 3-15 mm) and rectangular (from 15x20 mm to 50.8x50.8 mm, thickness form 3-10 mm)
  • Precision thin laser windows are available uncoated or coated with anti-reflective coatings under specific request.