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Secez Services has tied up with Raveon, USA which is one of the leaders in the field of wireless radio communications with specific radio transmission protocols which provide highly reliable connectivity for data communications over long ranges with very low power output. Raveon has many products finding applications in military and police communications, IoT, Smart city grids, weather and mining applications.

S.No Product Name Specification Download
1 M8 Tech Series Radios VHF/UHF or 220 MHz Bands 1.2k-19.2 kbps 500mW-3W 128 bit AES encryption option View Detail
2 M7 UHF/VHF Wireless Modem 403-512 MHz (30 MHz band selectable) 1.2 k -115.2 kBauds 5 Watts SCADA or Telemetry applications View Detail
3 Z-50 Modem (low-power modem for cellular data communication) 3G data Modem 1.2k-19.2 kbps   128 Bit AES, HTTPS encryption View Detail
4 M-50 Daisy Modem (low-power radio modems for data communications) 902-928 MHz
863-870 MHz
779-787 MHz
1.25-21.5 kbps 1-10 km range 128 bit AES View Detail
5 M9 UHF Data Transceiver 403-512 MHz band selectable 1200-2400 bauds 0.5-5 Watts, 25 W power amplifier option Upto 80 km range View Detail
6 License Free VHF MURS Band Data Radio 5 radio channels at 151 MHz 800-19.2 kBauds 2 Watts 3.2-48 km range View Detail
7 M7 GX GPS Transponder for AVL and Asset Tracking 403-434 MHz 1200,2400 bauds 0.5-5 Watts Transponder for GPS location, speed, direction and UTC time