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Beam Expander

  • Beam Expander


SECEZ SERVICES offers a wide range of Galilean type laser beam expanders for use in the UV, visible, and NIR spectral ranges.

  • Fixed-magnification, sliding-lens beam expanders with UV fused silica having either a broad band for 240 - 360 nm or narrowband AR coatings for 266, 355, 532, and 1064 nm.
  •  The VIS and NIR  fixed-magnification, rotating-lens optical beam expander optics have broadband AR coatings for 400 - 650, 650 - 1050, and 1050 - 1620 nm.
  • We also offer variable magnification beam expanders and reflective beam expanders.
  • The AR coatings have a high damage threshold so that the laser beam expanders can be used with CW and pulsed laser sources.
  • Large input and output apertures permit the optical beam expanders to be used to produce diffraction limited expanded (or reduced) beams for a wide range of input beams.