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100/40/10G Monitoring Module

  • 100/40/10G Monitoring Module


Gathering intelligence through real-time network monitoring is a key priority for law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world. Shoghi 100/40/10G Monitoring Module provides a state-of-the art platform for comprehensive traffic identification and data intercept capabilities to monitor today’s global packet optical transport networks.

Shoghi 100/40/10G Monitoring Module (MM-9100) provides unique network survey functionality of the specific traffic flows inside a highspeed optical network regardless of the existing transport protocols carried over OTN, SONET/ SDH and native Ethernet. The SC-9100 enables selective targeting of precise data traffic within the network and performs full traffic media


  • Single access platform for monitoring 100G, 40G and 10G packet optical networks
  • WAN to LAN media conversion for OTN, SONET/SDH and native Ethernet
  • Real-time optical network survey and content auto-discovery
  • Lossless interception of multi-protocol data
  • Aggregation and filtering optimize efficiency of analytic tools
  • Dramatically reduce CAPAX and OPEX while reducing monitoring access complexity