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Smart City Solutions/IoT

Smart City Solutions/IoT

Government of India has embarked on a diverse programme for introduction of new technologies for the betterment of life in cities and urban areas under its Smart City Mission. This India specific model envisages the identification of areas in selected cities for implementation for Smart City solutions which has commenced over the last two years, This involves the use of latest technologies in smart ICT Solutions for improving the basic infrastructure and services available in the cities and urban areas in India in the near future.

Secez Services shares the enthusiasm for the implementation of latest technologies in communication and IT and offers its expertise in these areas for innovative solutions. Secez services has a background in communication and IT services including big data management solutions which can be leveraged to provide bespoke solutions for management of infrastructure and services in a smart city environment.

     Our Products/Solution

         Secez offers diverse products and solutions in the following fields

  • High capacity radio communications
  • Radio Communications for IoT
  • Integrated surveillance camera systems
  • Smart solar lighting/LED solutions
  • Smart Poles
  • Smart Transport management and parking solutions
  • Smart Utility Management Solutions