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Satellite and Microwave Communication Sub-Systems

Satellite and Microwave Communication Sub-Systems

Secez Services have  a tie –up with Nagi Microwaves UK for the supply of the various equipment used in satellite communications. Nagi Microwaves is a manufacturer of highly advanced satellite and microwave communication equipment. Ability to provide specially designed equipment for customized can also be provided for customers in India though Secez Services.

Secez Services have tie –up with various antenna manufacturers for providing  various types of satellite antennas for different applications. Portable satellite antennas in Ka , Ku or C bands  including vehicle mounted driveaways, flyaways and fixed motorized antennas can be provided for the various applications like news gathering, military, disaster management and other applications. SOTM and COTM with self-developed embedded inertial navigation servo control system can also be provided from world class manufacturers.


Frequency Converters

  • IF Up/Down Converter (S-, C-, X-, Ku-, K (DBS)-, Ka-, and Q-Band)
  • Compact Up and Downconverter
  • Outdoor Frequency Converter
  • Synthesized Block Up/Down converter
  • Block Up/Down converter
  • Tracking Downconverter
  • Wideband Downconverter
  • Redundant Block Up/Downconverter
  • Test Loop Translator
  • Q/V Band Converter

Redundancy Systems

  • Redundancy Switch 1:1
  • Compact Redundancy Switch8:1
  • Outdoor Redundancy Switch 2:1
  • Modular Redundancy Switch N:1


  • IP Modem
  • Wideband Modem
  • DVB-S2 IP Modem
  • DVB-S2 DaVid Modem
  • DVB-S/S2 Transport Stream Modem
  • Wideband Modulator/Demodulator
  • DVB-S2 IP Demodulator
  • DVB Satellite Broadcast Modulator

Additional Equipment

  • Remote control unit for outdoor frequency converters
  • Handheld Test Source
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC)