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Fibre Optic Equipment

Fibre Optic Equipment

Secez Services is leading supplier of SDN enabled Intelligent Optical Switching and Optical Network Management solutions in India. The optical, photonic switching systems enable telecom service providers, government data networks, enterprise data centres, video studios and arenas, and data network equipment labs to rapidly and remotely create, monitor, reconfigure and protect optical paths in their networks. The systems enable a dynamic optical layer that could make physical topology changes without disrupting passing traffic which is the ideal solution for facilitating network upgrades and managing high-bandwidth traffic

Secez Services offers high quality NetQuest USA products in India for service providers who need greater visibility into various DWDM, 100G+ coherent, OTN, Ethernet, IP and TDM network environments to ensure network security and mitigate risk of cyber threats. These products can also provide innovative network test and monitoring access products to solution developers. Enterprises with modern networks running at high utilization levels which are fine-tuned and trouble free, require a comprehensive monitoring access system which will consolidate the access to both WAN and LAN portions of the enterprise network and will work equally well with legacy and new IP tools. Such new monitoring access systems lower the total cost of network ownership by reducing the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), consolidating the network monitoring and IP tools, and permitting better use of performance monitoring tools for faster optimization of business critical applications.



Optical Network Systems



S.No Product Name Product Description & Features Product Detail
1 Intelligent Optical System

Intelligent Optical Systems consists of a unique combination of hardware supported by robust software to provide the unique feature of software defined networking with physical layer management directly at the optical level. Auto tuning feature provided using specialist control algorithms adds resilience to external effects of time, vibration and temperature for management of live traffic.

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2 Path manager

Path Manager software suite provides centralized network management of all the Intelligent Optical Systems installed in the network. Path Manager simplifies operations and maintenance resulting in reduction of OPEX, increase in productivity, savings in CAPEX through resource sharing, and minimization of latency.

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3 I-9100 100/40/10G Interceptor

NetQuest I-9100 100/40/10G Interceptor provides a state of the art network monitoring access platform including comprehensive traffic identification and data intercept capabilities for monitoring today’s global packet optical transport networks.

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4 I-9196 Opticop Wavlength Interceptor

The NetQuest I-9196 provides Network Operators and Government Agencies a tool to monitor specific network paths and or services on individual fibre wavelengths when access to each individual circuit may not be available physically. It provides a better solution from both an Operational and Capital expense perspective by consolidating the functions of multiple network elements and automating the processes

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Optical Network Interfaces


    • RS-232 to fiber multiplexers
    • 93-Ohm Coax to Fiber Converter (IBM SNA-Mainframe Computer)
    • RS-422 to fiber optic multiplexer
    • Twinax to Fiber Converter (IBM 3x/AS400-Midrange Computer)
    • RS-485 fiber to optic multiplexer
    • WAN Applications - T1 & E1 Fiber Modem
    • Twinax to Fiber Optic Multiplexer
    • WAN Applications - T3 (DS3), E3, & STS-1 Fiber Modem
    • Wave Division Multiplexers
    • TTL to Fiber Optic Modems
    • Fiber Optic Media Converter
    • Fiber Optic Splitter - Passive
    • RS-232 to Fiber Media Converter
    • Fiber Optic Repeater; Works with Ethernet, Token Ring, T1, TTL, & other protocols
    • RS-422 to Fiber Media Converter
    • Fiber Optic Converter - 200 Micron to 62.5 Micron
    • RS-485 (2 or 4 Wire) to Fiber Converters
    • Fiber Optic Repeater/Fiber Channel Repeater; Works with Ethernet or other LANs, WAN, Switches, and Routers
    • USB to Fiber Media Converters
    • USB 1.1 to Fiber Serial Converter
    • High Speed TTL to Fiber Converter
    • Ethernet (Twisted pair (RJ45)) to Fiber Converter
    • Ethernet to Fiber Converters (Bit-Driver®)
    • Industrial Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
    • Full Duplex Gigabit Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
    • Profibus to Fiber Optic Converter
    • HDMI to Fiber Optic Converter
    • Video (CCTV) to Fiber Converters
    • Audio to Fiber Converters
    • Audio/Video to Fiber Converters
    • High Speed TTL to Fiber Optic Transmitters
    • Rack Mount Media Converters
    • Video Transmitter
    • Video Receiver
    • Fiber Modems for WAN Applications
    • Fiber Optic Multidrop Repeaters
    • Fiber Optic Transmitters/Receivers
    • Power over Ethernet (POE)
    • Test Equipment
    • High Speed TTL to Fiber Optic Receivers
    • Alarm Systems over Fiber Modems
    • Attached Resource Computer Network (ARCNET)
    • ECL to Fiber Optic Modems
    • Highly Shielded fiber modems
    • Short Haul Modems (Metallic Bit-Drivers)
    • RS-232 to USB Bit-Drivers®
    • Multidrop Repeaters (Bit-Driver®)
    • RS-232/RS-422 Optical Isolator Modems
    • Profibus-DP to Fiber Optic Converter
    • RS-232 (Serial Port) to Fiber Modems
    • RS-422 (4 Wire) to Fiber Modems
    • Fiber Optic Accessories