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CELLULAR BACKHAUL (Wireless Bridges)

CELLULAR BACKHAUL (Wireless Bridges)

Secez services offers end-to-end GSM-4G-LTE, 5G Solutions to operators and enterprises, enabling them to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. Secez Services are Authorized Channel Partner of WIRELESS EXCELLENCE under Brand name “Cablefree” singularly focused on providing exceptional LTE products and customer service in the telecommunications industry. Its high performance 4G/LTE Base stations solutions for a wide variety of applications. Covering all common 4G/LTE bands the base stations feature Software Defined Radio (SDR) which enables great flexibility of operation and future upgrade path. 4G/LTE networks using CableFree Emerald 4G SDR base stations enjoy great flexibility, high performance as well as very low cost of operation and ownership. "Stand Alone" operation is possible which enables the 4G Base station to connect remote terminals without need for external network elements. This is ideal for closed network type applications such as CCTV, campus sites and disaster recovery scenarios, where there is no centralised infrastructure or Network Operations Centre.

S.No Product Name Product Description & Features Product Detail
1 60 GHz Radio solutions up to 2.5 Gbps
  • Affordable Wireless Fiber up to 2.5 Gbps and up to one mile (1850 m)
  • Up to 10 Gbps with one radio, and upgradeable to dual-radio 20 Gbps
  • 10/20 Gbps 70/80GHz Radios for PtP & Metro Rings
  • 20 Gbps (40 Gbps aggregated link capacity)
  • License-free (no regulatory installation fees or recurring fees in most countries)
  • Easy installation (all outdoor installation and Power over Ethernet/PoE)
  • 4G/5G LTE macro and small cell mobile backhaul
  • Disaster recovery/emergency communications restoration
  • Military theater of operations/base connectivity.
  • Local Area Network extension.

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2 70/80 GHz Millimeter Wave Radio solutions up to 20 Gbps